“This unique and beautiful handmade lunar calendar is so much fun to color every month! A very inspiring way to keep track of time.” – Kirsten

“I have truly loved having the Lunar Mandala Calendar in my life over the past year. I feel that the calendar has tethered my daily life to the lunar cycle and has been an anchor. As I look back through the calendar I can see how one intention led to the next and how much more guided I have felt. I would so recommend this calendar to anyone who is looking for a simple way to feel more connected to the earth and to life itself.” – Lauren

The Lunar Mandala Calendar is a hand-drawn moon calendar that I originally created as a way of tracking my self-care. It is a blend of the lunar cycles and solar days, providing space for keeping track of daily life as well as charting emotional states. It is a balance of the masculine and the feminine, the linear and the circular.




Each page begins on the new moon and ends on the last moon of the cycle. The top page of the calendar has the lunar cycle (which reads clockwise), a mandala for coloring, and space to record your intentions and creations.  I like to record emotions around the moons, color them red when I am bleeding, and keep track of the simple pleasures in life that happen each day.

with calendar description

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“The Lunar Mandala Calendar made by Kendall reminds me to slow down and just be… The ritual of drawing for my own sanity is crucial for me as a busy woman jumping from project to project.. I feel connected to a larger cycle of nature while coloring in the beautiful shapes and symbols!” – Hannah

firstCALpageOn the lower page of the calendar you will find a grid of the days of the week with space for recording appointments, emotions, supplements taken, and any other information you wish to plan and keep track of – it’s a practical place for planning day-to-day life.



“Thank you so much Kendall! Our moon circle LOVES your calendars. xoxo” – Lupo

The Lunar Mandala Calendar is printed locally in Greenfield, Massachussetts at CopyCat Ink on post-consumer paper. When folded the dimensions are 8.5 x 11 inches, and it opens up to be an 11 x 17 wall calendar.


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