It’s possible to heal cervical dysplasia without surgery

Have you ever gotten news from your doctor that you need to have surgery, and that it’s your only option?

That happened to me when test results showed pre-cancerous cells on my cervix (CIN 111/CIS) and I was told that I needed to schedule a LEEP procedure within six weeks. Believing that the doctor was an expert on my health, and afraid that if I didn’t get the surgery I would have invasive cancer, I was convinced when she told me that surgery was the only option.

Devastated, and not wanting to have an invasive procedure that would affect my ability to bear children, I went home and did some research. I found that many women were able to heal themselves without the unnecessary surgery and I became inspired to begin an alternative treatment plan.

I’ve created a video telling a story of my healing as reading the stories of others is what encouraged me to take my health into my own hands. It’s important to note that healing is so individual – this is only one story – yours likely looks very different from mine. There are many ways to healing.

I  want to note that I do believe in the healing power of surgery and that many times it is a necessary treatment option. In no way am I saying that these treatments aren’t helpful, it’s just that in many cases there are other alternatives, and surgery doesn’t always get to the root of the issue. Many women have this procedure only for their upcoming test results to still show abnormal cells. If surgery is chosen, it is still so important to do your internal healing work and to support the physical body with proper rest and nutrition.

I understand that the doctor who recommended surgery to me had witnessed dozens, maybe hundreds, of women with my same condition and she had seen invasive cancer take over on women who had opted out of treatment. She didn’t want that to happen to me and, because my condition was so far along, she thought it was too late for a holistic method to be effective. My belief was strong, however, and I had no doubts that my body could heal on it’s own. It’s important to differentiate between declining surgery and not doing anything (ignoring the issue) and declining surgery with a commitment to sticking with a healing regime over a long period of time.

Often times ‘alternative’ modes of healing take a long period of time ~ several months to a year ~ and require faith, belief, dedication, and an attitude of optimism.

If you are declining surgery it’s imperative to have a team of people on your side (doctors, herbalists, bodyworkers, therapists, friends, etc) supporting your journey inward.

Thank you for listening to my story – It’s humbling to share. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to share stories of your own.

Many Blessings.

P.S. Here is an amazing resource on how to heal cervical dysplasia naturally

I also found this resource to be helpful.




Flow with the Moon

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to bleed in sync with the moon? It is so affirming to know that our bodies’ cycles are connected to the cosmic cycles. Stories say that in earlier times, before the influence of artificial lighting, women bled together in the dark of the New Moon. The magnetic force of the Moon influenced the waters of their wombs as well as the ocean tides, encouraging ovulation at the Full Moon and menstruation at the New.

In modern times, many people’s endocrine systems are affected by artificial light, unusual work schedules, pharmaceutical residues in the water, environmental pollutants (the list goes on), and women bleed at many different times of the Moon. I know many sisters who bleed on the New Moon, many who bleed on the Full, and equal amounts of sisters who alternate moons or bleed somewhere in between!

It’s important to remember that you are already flowing with the moon – no matter what lunar phase you bleed in.

There is no right or wrong – it’s not ‘better’ to bleed with the New, or ‘wrong’ if you’re bleeding at the first quarter…We are all different and unique. Notice the messages your blood may be carrying when it arrives early, or late, or in relation to changes in your life…

What is your blood telling you?


Regardless of what phase of the moon I’m bleeding in, I do my best to carve out a space in my life where I can go into the darkness of that time – a space where I can be in the new moon of my womb – a place of archaic knowing, deep release, and where I can simply be a human being in my body. It’s important for me that I don’t have anything inside of my body that could be blocking my flow (diva cup, tampon, etc) – I want the blood to leave the body at the exact moment that it is flowing. So much of my life I have held tension in my womb area – especially around bleeding time when there was a fear of blood leaking on clothing – so now when I am bleeding I let the blood go freely: If I can be present in the exact moment that the blood is leaving, I bring conscious presence to my labia and all of the muscles around the opening of my vagina so that there is no held muscle tension in the body. I find this to be an empowering practice that is beneficial for releasing residual held traumas on a cellular level.

Tracking your menstruation around the cycles of the moon is a beautiful practice of building connection with your bleeding, regardless of what phase(s) you bleed in. It keeps you connected to the cycles of your life, the cycles of your body, and the cycles of the cosmos. It’s always interesting for me to look back through bleeding calendars over the years and see what I was able to release in the darkness of my moon.

Just as many of us bleed at different times, I know that we all have such different experiences of menstruation. I love hearing the diversity of women’s relationships to blood and also love sharing our common experiences. Please share your thoughts & experiences with me ❤


In the light of the moon,