Ditch the Pill – a 28 day Detox

I wanted to share with you all this *amazing course* for detoxing from Pharmaceutical Birth Control Pills. It’s only 28 days – a lunar cycle – and is packed with information and support. I wish that I had had this information years ago! It would have made my transition off of pharmaceuticals so much easier.

The course is run by Kim & Amy, the Rent Tent Sisters, who have been working in the field of Reproductive Health for nine years. They’ve written a book inspired by their personal experiences and their work in the field and are now sharing their wisdom through thid course.unnamed.jpg

Here are 5 Reasons you want to consider coming off of Birth Control Pills:
  • Dramatically decrease your risk of stroke and other serious health concerns (along with side effects like low libido and depression)
  • Reduce your environmental footprint (minimizing hormones in the water as well as the packaging waste)
  • Preserve your long-term fertility
  • Heal underlying reproductive health issues like PCOS (the pill just masks the symptoms rather than addressing the root cause)
  • Discover birth control methods that are equally effective and side effect free.

As I mentioned in my last post, Birth Control pills are masters at masking whatever imbalance is going on under the surface. Whether it’s an eating disorder, depression, or a life circumstance that needs changing – In my experience, pharmaceutical birth control pills create the illusion that everything is fine. When in reality, there may be some serious imbalances that need addressing.

Free yourself!

It is SO empowering to have a natural cycle with the moon rather than with a pill.

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Well worth every bit of the journey

Lunar Blessings,