Meet Kendall

Kendall lives in Brattleboro, VT where she shares her heart and her home with her yellow lab, Shannon. In her community she serves farm-to-table food, plays with children, and leads yoga and breathwork. She is a student of life and interested in traditional ways of being on the earth. Her explorations have taken her to live in an off-grid community in Argentina, spend time with Indigenous Healers in Huatla de Jimenez, work on numerous small organic farms, spend winters brain-tanning hides, and learn about plants for healing. Some of her herbal teachers include Brittany Nickerson, Sage Maurer, Pam Montgomery, and Margi Flint. Much of her learning is gained simply by watching, listening, and practicing.
Her interest in mandalas began in 2009 when on a spiritual pilgrimage in the Sonora Desert. She chose to begin the practice of drawing mandalas as a way to honor the transformation that took place during her time there, and as a way to honor her spirit as she returned to daily life.
Some of her great loves in life are swimming, dancing, singing, studying spanish, traveling, dreaming, walking in the forest, laughter, herbal tea, and nourishing food.