A solstice blessing, reflections on Venus and Mars

Hi everyone,

The end of the year can be intense for many of us with the stress of holidays, finances, and triggering interactions with family members, to name a few. It’s also often filled with the magic of the Solstice (the darkest night of the year), the magic of snow (for us here in the North), and the warmth of people gathering to share food and company. I know that this time of year is different for all of us, and I hope that wherever you are you are taking time to nourish your soul. Whether it’s leaving the heated dinner table with family members to get a breath of fresh air outside, sleeping in, taking a bath, going for a walk in the woods, savoring a warm beverage… whatever the little things are that help you along – I hope you are doing them!

A few updates for you all:

  • My website has changed, you can access the new site here! I wasn’t able to post nearly as much as I anticipated this past year, and I feel like with a new platform I will be more set up to connect with you. I am planning on recording astrological audio-blogs, posting recipes, writings, and maybe some horoscopes as the year continues. We’ll see. I’d love to hear from YOU what you would most like to read and hear about.
  • I just recently published a post on my experience flying on Venus’ and Mars’ days. Check it out!
  • The 2018 Lunar Mandala Calendar is now on SALE! We are more than half sold out of our stock this year, so if you are hoping to use the calendar again or to share it with friends, now is the time to order your copy.
  • I sure hope you’ll stay connected with me in the new year. When you access my blog on the new site, enter your email to Stay Connected.


Many blessings for the end of the year!

Much love,