Blood Journal: An Invitation into the Dream

Unexpectedly and unapologetically, she arrives two weeks early on the day of the new moon. Breaking through the floodgates without hesitation, blood pools out of me and I surrender back into the dream. Leaving the cares of the mundane world, I retreat to the moon loft to dream, breathe into my body, witness memories of the past cycle float through my conscious mind, laugh and cry, massage my belly with warm oil; I merge into a time-less space. It doesn’t matter if I sleep all day and wake at 2 a.m. to make art and and pray in the pre-dawn, for all of my duties of everyday life are suspended: nothing needs to be done but dream.


My moon is an invitation of remembrance. An invitation to just be in my body. With nothing to do but breathe for hours with my hands on my belly, my body softens and my mind drifts to altered states of awareness. In a world where so much emphasis is put on “doing, doing, doing” and accomplishing things in the outside world, it’s easy to not take time to just ‘be’ in my body. The sanctuary of bleeding gives me the rest I need to be the best I can be when I emerge back into the world.


“…Women should take time out when they menstruate, and this time is for dreaming. Not just nighttime dreaming, but also daytime dreaming – being free to enter a dreamy state when awake…Many indigenous people teach that women should be left alone when they are menstruating, to dream for everyone.” – Lara Owen, Her Blood is Gold