Top 4 Reasons to switch to Re-usable Pads

Disposable menstrual products are so out-dated – It amazes me that they are still on the market! Not only are the chemically-laden and uncomfortable, but the name ‘sanitary napkins’ reinforces the old idea that menstruation is somehow dirty or un-hygenic.

Here are my top reasons for why to make the switch from disposable products to re-usables – what are yours?

#1: It’s good for the environment.

An average woman using disposable menstrual products will dispose of 300 pounds of product in her lifetime – that’s only ONE person! If ten women switched to re-usable pads, that would be saving 30,000 pounds of product in a landfill…

It’s no longer an option to keep disposing of this much waste. There is not enough space to hold it all. We are beyond ‘making a green choice’ as the well-being of our planet hangs in the balance.

#2: They allow for a natural flow.

Many people love using their moon cups or Diva Cups. I’ve heard that the cup is a wonderful way of catching blood and lots of people appreciate it. It is a much better alternative to disposable products! I’ve also heard from some women that it’s impractical in busy city bathrooms to change a bloody cup, and that it can be uncomfortable.

I choose to use pads because I want my blood to flow naturally and to be able to leave my body at the exact moment it’s wanting to. The thought of something putting a temporary dam on my flow doesn’t sit well, as I want the waters of my body to flow as naturally as the rivers.

#3: They are comfortable and chemical-free.

There are so many amazing menstrual pad companies these days that use soft, organic cotton and flannel material. Pads also come in a variety of fun patterns and colors – I think of mine as fondly as I do my favorite clothing items, and look forward to when I get to use them each month!

It is so important not to use harsh chemicals in or on our bodies. Many people are passionate about eating a clean diet, drinking clean water, and using natural body products on their hair and skin. Why take such great care of your body and then use chemically drenched paper products in your vagina?

#4: It’s a wise economic decision.

Why spend money every month on something just to throw it away in a landfill, when you can buy or make a product that will last for many years? Investing in some good quality pads will save you money and the money you do spend can support awesome small-business owners.

Some last notes….

Some women are concerned that they won’t be able to do all that they want to do on their moon time when they are wearing a pad rather than a tampon… Every person is different, but I feel that it’s important for monthly bleeding to be as much of a retreat as possible. It’s time to acknowledge that bleeding is sacred – it is worthy of taking time off from our lives to rest – it’s OK to slow down. The ritual of taking my pads out each month reminds me that my bleeding time is a retreat from ordinary reality and that it’s OK to opt out.

Want to know just how simple it is to use them? Watch this short video!

I’d love to hear from you & your experiences in using re-usable pads.

What was it like making the switch?

Lunar Blessings,



A Simple Way to Overthrow Menstrual Taboos

This weekend I had the opportunity to vend my lunar calendars at the Natural Living Expo in Marlborough, Mass. I was so excited to share the Moon Wisdom with hundreds of people and to talk about my offerings around mindful movement for menstruation. To me, menstruation is such an exciting and empowering time, and I was anticipating my excitement to be met by the people I spoke with at the Expo. I brought some amazing organic cotton and flannel moon pads with me as well as herbal belly oils, flower essences, and an anti-viral yoni spray. I was excited and ready to talk about menstruation, sexual healing, and empowerment around the moon cycles. However, the response I got to the moon pads was surprising and sobering, and had me questioning how much menstruation is still taboo in our society.


Many women at the Expo would hush their voices and begin to whisper when they found out what the pads where.

So, that’s what they are”

Often times women would physically recoil and scrunch their noses when they realized that these beautiful, soft fabrics were for catching moon blood. I became more timid in telling people about the pads as I began to anticipate being met with disgust. One woman yelled at me, “Good luck with THAT!” as she left the table. My afternoon turned around when a man walked up to my table and went to pick up a bundle of pads. I opened my mouth to tell him what they were when he looked at me and said, “I know what these are. How much?”

From then on I felt re-energized to speak confidently about the pads. There were still people who were disgusted by the idea of them, but I stayed strong in myself and kept shamelessly representing the cause, while speaking about the environmental impact of commercial menstrual products and the importance of not using chemically-drenched products on our lady parts. I even got to speak with one woman about how to isolate the vaginal muscles for releasing blood for ritual use without leaking urine.

This weekend taught me that cultural taboos around menstruation are still very real and alive.

The ONE thing that feels most important to the overthrowing of cultural taboos around menstruation is to

talk about it.

Share your stories.



What is your relationship to menstruation? Share with me in the comments below ❤

Lunar Blessings,



Ditch the Pill – a 28 day Detox

I wanted to share with you all this *amazing course* for detoxing from Pharmaceutical Birth Control Pills. It’s only 28 days – a lunar cycle – and is packed with information and support. I wish that I had had this information years ago! It would have made my transition off of pharmaceuticals so much easier.

The course is run by Kim & Amy, the Rent Tent Sisters, who have been working in the field of Reproductive Health for nine years. They’ve written a book inspired by their personal experiences and their work in the field and are now sharing their wisdom through thid course.unnamed.jpg

Here are 5 Reasons you want to consider coming off of Birth Control Pills:
  • Dramatically decrease your risk of stroke and other serious health concerns (along with side effects like low libido and depression)
  • Reduce your environmental footprint (minimizing hormones in the water as well as the packaging waste)
  • Preserve your long-term fertility
  • Heal underlying reproductive health issues like PCOS (the pill just masks the symptoms rather than addressing the root cause)
  • Discover birth control methods that are equally effective and side effect free.

As I mentioned in my last post, Birth Control pills are masters at masking whatever imbalance is going on under the surface. Whether it’s an eating disorder, depression, or a life circumstance that needs changing – In my experience, pharmaceutical birth control pills create the illusion that everything is fine. When in reality, there may be some serious imbalances that need addressing.

Free yourself!

It is SO empowering to have a natural cycle with the moon rather than with a pill.

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Well worth every bit of the journey

Lunar Blessings,