I Forgo Expectations

I forgo expectations

I trust and surrender to the cosmic flow and to what is.

I do not live in a state of resentment and blame for choosing wrongly but instead trust that I am listening to spirit and following intuition, even when it leads me someplace unexpected.

I trust that I am exactly where I need to be for now and know by listening to the wind.

I am held, taken care of, safe and protected in all that is. I am safe in the embrace of the divine.





~messages from the first quarter moon~



Made by hand


“Why am I doing this all by hand?” I’ve wondered to myself, sitting cross-legged on the floor, erasing and re-drawing the circles of each lunar phase. It would certainly be easier to plug everything into a computer and not have to spend as much time in the creation process. Yet I chose to draw this calendar by hand so that my energy can infuse into it through the hours I spend in creation.

A year ago I was at a hospital in Oaxaca, Mexico, laying on a piece of cardboard on the floor of the Emergency waiting room while a friend was in surgery, in risk of losing her leg. I watched one of our local hosts, Lulu, and my friend Kimberly sit and stitch embroidery for hours as the surgery took place. They would make one stitch at a time, staying present and relaxed, knowing that each stitch was a prayer. As they held that space of tranquilo in their stitching they trusted and co-created the reality that our friend would live.

The energy we hold has the ability to co-create the world around us. When we engage in a process of creation, we have the opportunity to infuse our energy into what we are creating.

My intention to make a hand-drawn calendar was to have a tactile relationship with its creation and so that each line could be infused with prayer. As I worked on each page, I would light a candle and take each session as an opportunity to be present and grateful.



I imagine with hope the many people around the globe marking their intentions on the new moons, amplifying the positive change they are already making within themselves and their communities. I bow to you for all of the space you hold for peace, for stillness, for action, and for hope during these times of change.

May each mandala you color be a prayer for the new world you are helping to co-create through your thoughts, words, and actions.

Lunar Blessings,