We are doing a small batch printing this year and calendars are limited. Be sure to Pre-order to reserve your 2018 Calendar.

When we remember our connection to the moon, our life unfolds in cycles.

We know that each new moon is an opportunity to be reborn.

The Lunar Mandala Calendar merges the lunar cycle with the Gregorian calendar so you can keep time with moon and plan your daily life. Each cycle has a hand-drawn mandala for you to color as you envision the month ahead.

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As someone who has been guiding others to make new moon prayer arrows for sometime now, I bow to you spreading this wisdom into the wide world via your coloring book calendar.  Grandmother Moon must surely be well pleased with her daughter. Well done you!



I don’t have time for adult coloring books, but I do for Kendall’s super cool calendar. I dream and plan the next month by coloring her month by month mandalas. A great meditation.

Chris Marano, Clearpath Herbals

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